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AESUB Dice - 10 dice/case

AESUB Dice - 10 dice/case

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🎲 Introducing AESUB Dice: Elevate Your 3D Scanning Precision! 🎲

Are you tired of struggling with delicate surfaces during 3D scanning? Look no further! AESUB Dice are your secret weapon for capturing intricate details without compromising accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: AESUB Dice can accommodate up to 11 retroreflective 6mm targets or even more of the smaller 3mm retroreflective targets.
  • Smart Design: With a slanted bottom to minimize data loss, these dodecahedron-shaped dice ensure optimal scanning results.
  • Magnet or Thread Options: Choose the built-in magnet for quick attachment to metal surfaces, streamlining your scan preparation. For non-magnetic surfaces, opt for the threaded version or use AESUB scan putty to secure the dice.
  • Efficiency Boost: Next time you’re scanning an object on a table surface, simply position a few of these dice around it. Watch your workflow improve as AESUB Dice enhance the efficiency of 3D scanning for complex objects and reduce reliance on reference points.

🔗 Explore the full range of AESUB Dice and revolutionize your 3D scanning experience

Remember, precision matters—choose AESUB Dice for unparalleled scanning accuracy! 


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