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AESUB – Target Net - Magnetic

AESUB – Target Net - Magnetic

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🎯 Introducing AESUB Target Net - Magnetic: Precision at Your Fingertips! 🎯

Tired of painstakingly placing reference points during 3D scanning? Frontier Metrology Inc has your back! Our Target Net is a game-changer for efficient and accurate scanning.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Assembled Convenience: The AESUB Target Net comes with pre-assembled retroreflective reference points. Simply “throw” the net onto your object, and these points instantly adhere to the component.
  • Magnetic Magic: Each point base features a powerful magnet, ensuring secure placement during the entire scanning process.
  • Generous Coverage: With a size of 1.5 x 2.5 meters, this net accommodates medium-sized or large components effortlessly.
  • Reusable Brilliance: No need to remove the points after scanning—they’re ready for reuse whenever you need them.
  • Perfect Pairing: Apply the Target Net on top of any vanishing AESUB spray for seamless integration.

🔗 Explore the AESUB Target Net - Magnetic and revolutionize your 3D scanning workflow! 🚀

Remember, precision matters—choose AESUB for unparalleled scanning accuracy! 📏🔍

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