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6 mm - AESDOTRR6 - 3000 dots/roll


🌟 Enhance Your 3D Scanning Precision with AESUB Retro Reflective 6mm Dots!🌟

Are you tired of compromising accuracy in your 3D scanning projects? Look no further! AESUB brings you the ultimate solution: Retroreflective permanent reference targets designed specifically for laser light scanners.

Key Features:

  • Highly Reflective: These 6mm dots are engineered to bounce laser light back with exceptional efficiency, ensuring precise and reliable scanning results.
  • Strong Adhesive Effect: AESUB Dots adhere securely to various surfaces, including AESUB vanishing 3D scanning sprays.
  • Convenient Roll Format: Coiled on a roll, these dots are easy to handle and tear perforated every 20–30 cm for seamless application.
  • Perfect Pairing: Ideal for use alongside AESUB’s vanishing 3D scanning sprays, these dots create a harmonious synergy for accurate digitization.

Why Use Reference Dots for 3D Scanning? When scanning objects in 3D, adding markers—like our AESUB Retro Reflective Dots—ensures superior accuracy and repeatability. These markers assist the 3D scanner in tracking, especially for symmetrical or feature-limited objects.

Say goodbye to losing track mid-scan and hello to faster, more predictable results!

Remember, AESUB Retro Reflective 6mm Dots are your secret weapon for precision scanning. Get yours now and unlock a new level of accuracy! 🎯🔍


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